Astro Awakenings

astrology soul readingsAstrology is a means by which you can awaken your spirit and soul to reach your highest level of potential. Within your astrology chart you have the key to unlock the doors that can lead you on a path of greater fulfillment.

Everyone is creating their personal experience of life everyday. The process by which you create your life is the projection of what is in your subconscious and your beliefs and expectations manifesting in your day to day world. Your astrology chart reveals what is buried within. Understanding your astrology chart and the karma you came into this life with awakens this awareness. In doing so you begin to listen to your inner intuition which guides you to the depths below of fears, thoughts, hopes, dreams, memories, skills, desires, and more. When you master this you see your programming and awaken to your path.

Your astrology chart shows the script you were born with. Many of you are aware of your patterns, and some have even broken old patterns and have become free from the karmic or subconscious conditioning. Life can take you deep down to the realm of darkness where one asks why? This is usually from a Pluto transit, and through this process the quest begins to understand what one needs to do to awaken the soul to  higher purpose and potential. So many of us like shortcuts, and why not a spiritual short cut to awaken?

Your spiritual teacher may say there isn’t a easy path, and I agree that there is no real short cut- there is only your destiny. Which does include if it is part of your path to awaken to your souls being faster through astrology then that can be the reason why spirit has led you to these words.  So many are being called to awaken to a path of service.

Light-workers are one name given to those who have taken on the quest of understanding their souls intention and path. Thank-you deeply for visiting this astrology website, blessings and peace.