wild sagittarius horseI rescue astrology websites, I know, it sounds crazy doesn’t it?   Allow me to explain. I was writing an astrology article, one on the technical side and wanted to double check a fact. To be an astrologer takes a very good memory as there are hundreds of rules to follow, not to mention hundreds of different components in the astrology chart- all those asteroids, degree symbols, heliocentric and geocentric nodal degrees, different house systems, the list goes on and on. I digress, so I needed to double check my work and I admit, I was lazy. Instead of going to my vast astrological library of books, I googled it.

What happened next is I followed a link to an old and respected astrology website which began years ago by a well respected astrologer and the link went to a site that was not the old astrology site. It had all types of crud on it and what happened is some advertiser type person bought the old url and put up a site with all those adds. I suppose it was so whoever, (like me) was used to going to that site would click on something.

Therefore I decided that if I happened to come across a website name that used to be from a real astrologer, I would rescue that name so it wouldn’t be subjected to what happened to the other site. Now I don’t know if I can afford the money or time to do this for any more lost and forgotten astrology sites.

There are a lot of reasons why astrologers would give up their websites, it is a tough going trying to make it as an astrologer to pay the bills. For most of us it is a calling and not a vocation to make a living.

Any way, thanks for reading- if you want to contact me for my services check out the contact page.