Astrology Services

Astrology Services

astrology dreams awakeningsAre you ready to explore your life path and awaken to your souls intention? Are ready to have your dreams become your reality? Astrology soul readings are designed for that. Do you want to know what to expect in the months ahead and how to best prepare for the opportunities and creatively dance with the passages that can be more complex?

A consultation (astrology reading) is an exploration of the planetary energies in your birth chart. My focus is on assisting you to remember and reconnect with your core essence, purpose and meaning on this planet. The session explores your inner strengths,relationship needs and patterns, romantic needs, career, skills, creativity, talents, gifts, possible places of sabotage, inner conflicts, as well as your core soul themes.

The focus will be on the areas of your life that you feel are particularly important to you right now. This may include your work or career interest, relationships, relocation and other life transitions. I will also explore the transits/planetary movements which are affecting you now and in the coming year. This will help you to work more creatively with these energies when they arrive.

Astrology Soul Readings

A Life Path session is $195, it is 2 readings in one. Your natal chart analysis and a forecast for the year ahead. The reading is recorded MP3 and sent via email. This is where to start if you are not familiar with your natal chart or need a second professional astrologers interpretation. Many of my clients come to me after consulting several other astrologers and continue year after year to receive their annual update from me.

Forecast and Concerns $135. This session focuses on your personal concerns at this point in life and addresses your questions around those areas. One hour recorded MP3 and emailed to you.